Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Meals for 9/9/09

Hello! It is the day after my gum surgery and it is doing ok...face and gum is a bit swollen but at least I am able to eat on the other side of my mouth...taking over the counter meds to help the pain. I just love my dentist...I NEVER thought I would ever say this but he is wonderful. He always calls to check up on you to see how your doing. He called me this morning and told me that if I get any food stuck to call him and go back in and he will take care of it...but I know that won't happen because it is sore and I won't forget about chewing in that side...LOL

Tomorrow the apartment is having a picnic BBQ'ing hamburgers and hot dogs for the tenants. Kind of a get to know your neighbors type thing. Kevin and I are looking forward to going and getting to know some of the people. I see them and talk to them when our dogs are outside...but never really get the chance to really talk.

This morning I thought I better eat something I had yogurt, cantaloupe and a very ripe banana...after just have a frosty and prune juice yesterday it was nice to have some solid foods! Here is what I had:

Cantaloupe = 1 point
Banana = 2 points
WW Strawberry Yogurt = 1 point
Total points for Breakfast = 4 points

I am not sure what I will be having for lunch...probably some soup or something soft...I will catch you all later:) Hope you have a great Wednesday!!

Hey:) I hope your all having a great day! I am doing ok...the mouthwash the dentist gave me to use twice a day has a side effect that I am not very happy makes it so you can hardly taste anything! I had chicken noodle soup, cantaloupe and strawberry jello for lunch and I could taste it a little but it was almost like I had a bad cold and it tastes different...who knows. I am feeling a bit tired this afternoon so I think I am going to curl up in a chair and read...I have been reading the book Mommywood by Tori Spelling...I read her first book sTory Telling and it was a really good book...

Here is what I had for lunch...:

Cantaloupe = 1 point
Campbells Chicken Noodle soup = 3 points
Sugar Free Strawberry Jello = 0 point
Total points for Lunch = 4 points

Banana Bread = 3 points

I think for dinner I am going to have breakfast....I am making Kevin his Mexican Casserole (WW style) and myself some scrambled eggs with bacon cut up into the eggs and some just sounds good and I am not supposed to eat anything spicy for a the Mexican casserole wouldn't be good for me...and Kevin will have plenty of leftovers for lunch and dinner tomorrow:) I am going to go and read a bit now...I will catch you all later!

Well I had a very good dinner...I changed a few things...I changed the bacon from 4 slices to 2 and added some reduced fat cheese. It was very good...Here it is:

2 eggs = 4 points
2 slices bacon = 2 points
2 slices sourdough bread = 2.5 points
Butter = 3 points
Reduced Fat cheese = .5 points
Total points for Dinner = 12 points

Dessert = Skinny Cow Chocolate Cone = 3 points


I know I didn't hit my daily points value...but my mouth is a bit sore and I just don't feel like eating much...I hope you all have a wonderful evening! Catch you tomorrow!:)


  1. The mouth heals fast, so you will be back to eating soon! :) The complex BBQ sounds fun! That's a great idea to get to know your neighbors! :)

  2. Um, you don't have side effects from eating that much cantaloupe in one day? (breakfast and lunch!) If the cantaloupe tasted just right, I would probably do the same. Watermelon too!

  3. Well it sounds you're doing at least a little bit better than yesterday...thank goodness! Your food pics always look so yummy....makes me want to raid the frig!! But I shall refrain. Glad you're feeling better girl. :)