About Us

My husband and I have been on and off "diets" since we have been married(15 years!). The only plan that has ever really worked for us is Weight Watchers. In 2004 Kevin and lost 101 pounds and I lost 60 which was amazing! We felt great and we still had a little ways to go. Then we both ended up having gallbladder surgery within 2 weeks of each other and that threw us off track. Along with losing someone very close to me (my grandpa) we just lost our way. I am an emotional eater and so I dealt with my grandpa's death by eating...and it wasn't good healthy eating.

Well this is 2013 and we are going to start over with a clean slate and start this journey and this time keep it off! We both have some health issues that makes the extra weight more of a problem. So this will really get us motivated.

We both LOVE Disney World....and our biggest goal is to be able to get on a ride together and not feel like we are squished! Also I would love to be able to fly on a plane without asking for an extender belt.

So here we go....any support I can get from you all out there will really help us! :)


  1. LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!! I am here always! I am really proud of you for doing the treadmill too! Its so hard! It will get easier though, I promise!!!