Saturday, January 5, 2013

Meals for Day 1

Today was a good day! Got up and went to our Weight Watchers meeting...wasn't very happy with the starting weight though. It is the highest I have ever been. I weighed in at 280 pounds and Kevin's was 330. I know that we will do well and it really helps that I like the leader. We got the active link to track our activity. The only thing that sucks is I have to wait 8 days for the assessment to be able to see what my activity level is. You have to wear it all day but you have to do your normal daily that means no exercising until the assessment is over...not liking that too much. It does make me want to get up and move a little more than I normally would.

We took down our Christmas tree and decorations so now the house looks empty...LOL. I watched a couple of documentaries on Netflix that I found very interesting. One was called "Hungry for a change" and the other one was "Fat, Sick and almost dead". The second one was about a man who had an autoimmune disease that would cause hives and he was very overweight. He decided to try going on a juicing fast for 60 days and see if it helps. Well in the 60 days he lost over 70 pounds and then he continued on eating nothing but fruits and veggies. In the end he lost about 90 pounds and was off his meds. I don't know that I would ever go as far as a juicing fast...however I wouldn't mind trying to do some juicing. You get so much nutrients from the juices of fruit and green leafy veggies.

Anyway...on to my meals for the day:

Dannon Light Greek Yogurt = 3 points
Banana = 0 points
Total Breakfast = 3 points
Bread = 2 points
Tuna Salad = 2 points
Lettuce = 0 points
Clementine = 0 points
Pretzels = 3 points
Total Lunch = 7 points
Granola Bar = 3 points
Pork Chop Dinner = 13 points
Milk = 5
Total Dinner points = 18 points
Bag of popcorn = 3 points
Total points used for the day is 34. My daily points are 40..which is going to be hard for me to eat all the points but I will do it somehow. I know from experience that if you don't eat your daily points you will not lose the weight. Your body will think its starving itself and wont let any weight come off. So we will work on this! :) I hope you all have a great night and thank you for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment if you would like! G'night!



  1. Looks like day 1 was a success! :) I am interested in how those trackers end up working. I have a bodymedia armbad (gowearfit when I bought it) but I don't use it much anymore. I got mad when using it at Target (while walking inside) it kept losing data.

  2. Congrats for coming back to Weight Watchers. I lost 35# with WW and I now work as a receptionist. I have a hint for you to get in some more points. Make sure you get in your healthy oils! So important in my opinion. I put 1 t. in my morning oatmeal, I drizzle it on popcorn and I cook with it to saute veggies. It adds points to your day and healthy oils and fat into your diet. One more tip (if you don't mind) is to eat a heartier breakfast. Maybe incorporate some protein into it and therefore a few more points. Good Luck to you! I'm adding you to my blog list.

  3. You.Are.Back!!!!! Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi!!!!!! I know you've done it before and you can do it again. I'm going to start trying to exercise more too. And make protein shakes as a substitute for one meal... just gonna give it a try and see how it works. Cheers! OH, you may not want to drink wine anymore. That takes up a lot of calories doesn't it?