Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 4...still going strong...well kind of!

Is today only Tuesday?? Seems like it should be Thursday already! Today was an ok day in eating. I tracked and at almost all my points, however I can't say that it was the best choice in foods to make my points. My poor hubby had to work late tonight so it makes it hard for us to stay on plan..but I did make the dinner that we planned and will warm it up when he is home.
Does anyone else out in bloggy land get a very strong urge for something sweet right after eating a meal? It is not something that is only because I am eating better I have always been that way. I don't know why...but I need to figure it out.
I watched Biggest Loser last night and I have to say I really like the way Jillian was in the second half of the show...when her team told her about her yelling at them makes them anxious...and how she took that to heart and she even complimented them!! That was awesome. It was so sad though at the end when she cried:(
Anyway on to my day of eating...I think that for breakfast I am going to try having some scrambled egg whites with my yogurt and banana. I am only eating 3 points for breakfast and it isn't keeping me full for long. Here we go...
Dannon Blueberry Greek Yogurt = 3 points
Banana = 0 points
Total points for breakfast = 3 points
Strawberries = 0 points
Bread = 2 points
Tuna Salad = 2 points
Veggie Straws = 3 points
Carrots & Celery = 0 points
Fiber One Brownie = 2 points
Total points for lunch = 9 points
Weight Watchers Toffee Ice Cream bar = 2 points

Chicken Taco's = 18 points (2 servings)
Total points for dinner = 18 points
As I said above...I got a big craving for something sweet...soooo I ended up taking off the almonds and adding 5 points of sweets...
100 Calorie Chips Ahoy snack pack = 3 points
Fiber One Brownie (I know! My second one today!) = 2 points

Bag of Popcorn = 3 points
Total points used for the day 38...all that food and I didn't even eat my full day of points...ugh!
I hope everyone has a wonderful night...


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