Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Saturday friends!! It was a very good day! Woke up at 6 this morning so that we could go to our Weight Watchers meeting. Kevin and I both were not really looking forward to going because according to our scale (which I am going to put down in the basement) neither one of us lost fact it told me I gained .4.  We got to the meeting and weighed in and to our surprise we lost weight!! I am going to make you all wait until the end of the post to find out how much! LOL
I really like our leader. She is so enthusiastic for being so early in the morning! She is also really funny. Today we were talking about how we can get more fruits and veggies into our meals. I don't really have that problem because I LOVE my fruits and veggies and I have at least one of them in every meal. She was talking about all the different ways you can enjoy them. Roasting them...stir fry and just raw which is how I like mine. I might try roasting them sometime. How do you like them?
After the meeting we went to the grocery store (right next store to the meeting place) and picked up our weeks worth of groceries. Then we went home and I cleaned the kitchen and watched a little TV and then we went and had our car serviced...and went to BJ's. At the grocery store they had a special on the baby 2 for 5 dollars. They were 1 pound bags. Well at BJ's you can get a 4 pound bag for about $ that was the main reason we went. I also got some eggs that I am going to hard boil. I watched a video on YouTube about organizing your kitchen and one lady hard boiled her eggs and put them back in the carton. How did she know which were hard boiled you ask? She drew little smiley faces on them to show which ones were hard boiled and which weren't! Very clever! We got some almonds and some grape tomatoes...:) I wanted to get some more strawberries but they weren't looking so hot.
After that we came home and had leftover chimichangas from last nights meal and I went upstairs to watch some tv...before you know it I fell asleep and woke up 2 hours later! I guess that is from getting up so early. I haven't been feeling the best today and hope that I am not coming down with the bug that everyone at work has been getting! Don't need that!
Wow I am a chatter bug today! Here are the meals for today:
Cottage Cheese (3/4 cup) = 3 points
Banana = 0 points
Total points for breakfast = 3 points
Celebration cake Weight Watchers bar(they handed them out at the meeting) = 2 points
Leftover chimichangas (2 servings) = 13 points
Grape tomatoes = 0 points
Total points for Lunch = 13
Didn't have one...was sleeping! LOL
Beef Enchilada's (2 servings) = 12 points
1% Milk = 5 points
Total points for dinner = 17 points
What else?? Bag of Popcorn = 3 points
In logging all of our meals I have noticed a pattern...we love Mexican food! LOL Doesn't long as it meets the points we will eat it! Now...what you have been waiting for...
Kevin lost 4.4 pounds
Christa lost 2 pounds
I wasn't thrilled with the number I lost only because usually the first week you usually lose alot more..but I have to remember that with this active link and doing the 8 day assessment I couldn't do any exercise or it would screw up the base line that it was trying to figure out. It ends Monday so I will start walking on the treadmill next week and get it moving a little more...but I am still proud of us and think that we did great! The scale is so off compared to the Weight Watchers one..and you know what brand it is?? WEIGHT WATCHERS!  LOL
Well I am going to chill out a bit and watch some tv. I hope you are all having a good weekend! Night all! 


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