Monday, August 31, 2009

Meals for 8/31/09

Well today is the end of week one...and I bet your all wondering if I lost and if so how much....well...I lost 4.4 pounds and Kevin lost 6!! I think I could have lost more if I would have eaten all of my points...usually the first week I lose more...but don't get me wrong...I am thrilled with the weight I lost!! Its a positive start and it really hasn't been hard at all!! This morning I had peanut butter toast on Oroweat Sandwich thins, banana and berry yogurt. I planned out my whole day to use ALL of my points:) Here is the picture...

Oroweat Sandwich Thins = 1 point
1 Tbsp peanut butter = 2 points
Banana = 2 points
WW Berry Yogurt = 1 point
Water = 0 point
Total Points for Breakfast = 6 points

I hope your all have a wonderful is sunny and beautiful here in Boston! It is supposed to be in the 70's all week which will be nice. I can't believe tomorrow will be the first day of September! On the 4th it will be 5 months since we moved here. Crazy! Come back for lunch...later friends!

Hello again...been a busy morning...working on laundry and cleaning house. For lunch I had a Smart Ones Fettucini Alfredo, All Bran Crackers and grapes. It was very filling and the grapes were so crunchy and juicy!:) Here is a picture...

Smart Ones Fettucini Alfredo w/Broccoli = 4 points
1 cup grapes = 1 point
All Bran Crackers = 2 points
Total Points for Lunch = 7 points

Afternoon snack - 2 WW chocolate chip cookies = 3 points

Since I have lost some weight my total points were reduced from 31 to 30...tonight we are having leftover taco's..I will try to remember to take a picture...see ya later!

Ops....I did it again...I ate my dinner before taking a picture...oh well it was just leftovers of what I had last night...soft taco's. Kevin walked home from the T-station and we had a very nice dinner. The sun is still out...this whole week we are supposed to be in the 70's which is actually kind of cool for Boston this time of year...but I am not complaining!!! LOL

Soft Tacos = 11 points (I had 2 of them again)
Total points for dinner = 11

For dessert tonight I will be having the Skinny Cow chocolate ice cream cone.

Skinny Cow Chocolate Ice Cream Cone = 3 points


Tomorrow I am going to make one of my favorite recipes of Banana Bread. It is a 3 point snack and sooooo moist! I will take a picture and post it with the recipe...I hope you had a great day!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meals for 8/30/09

Sorry for the late post Kevin and I ended up going out and running some errands since we were cooped up all day yesterday. When I woke up I wasn't super hungry but I knew I needed to eat something or I would be starving for lunch. So for breakfast I had an Oroweat sandwich thins toasted with 1 Tbsp Peanut Butter. Here we go:

Oroweat Sandwich Thins = 1 point
1 Tbsp Peanut Butter = 2 points
Total points for breakfast = 3 points

For lunch we stopped at Rainforest Cafe and I had a nice salad. I probably annoyed the waitress with my order but oh well. I ordered it without olives, candied pecans and dried cranberries and the dressing on the side instead of tossed with the salad. When they do that it adds tons of points. I just dip my fork into the dressing and instead of putting it on the salad and you use barely any of the points on the dressing. Since they didn't have the nutrition info and I can't find it anywhere on the internet I did the recipe builder and it came out to about 12.5 points and that includes the bread which I said was 5 points. Here is a picture of the salad...and keep in mind I only ended up eating HALF of this salad because it was too much!

Salad with dressing and bread = 12.5 points
Total points for lunch = 12.5

Tonight we had soft taco's...I was so hungry and excited to eat I didn't take a was the normal taco, Carb balance flour tortilla, reduced fat cheese, 93% lean ground beef, tomato and lettuce. I put in all of the ingredients in the recipe builder and it is a total of 5 points a serving.
Total points for Dinner = 11 points (I had 2 taco's)

For my evening snack I will be having a Skinny Cow Chocolate Ice Cream cone (3 points). I have 1.5 points left over for the day, however since I had to guesstimate my lunch points for the most part I am not going to eat those.


Tomorrow is my weigh in day...I will post my weight loss/gains on the right side of this blog..wish me luck!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meals for 8/29/09

Good Morning everyone...happy Saturday! This morning I decided to try some old fashioned oatmeal and used a recipe from Biggest Loser Family Cookbook. You cook the oatmeal and add some vanilla extract and strawberry preserves to it for sweetness. It was ok...I probably won't make it again...I also had some of that melon. It is not in the WW food lists so I am going to just list it like all the other melons. Here it is...

Oatmeal w/strawberry preserves = 4 points
WW Blueberry Muffin = 3 points
1 cup melon = 1 point
Water = 0 points
Today is going to be a stay at home lazy day...we are expecting very heavy rains from 2 storms coming from the west and Danny coming from the Atlantic....should be an interesting day. They are no longer calling it a we shall see. Hopefully the Neponset River doesn't get too high! See you at lunchtime!!

Hello friends! Today for lunch I had one of my other favorite Smart Ones WW dinners. Fettucini Alfredo with broccoli. I also had similar to yesterday, cottage cheese, All Bran crackers and Strawberry yogurt. I have noticed this time I really am not as hungry between meals as I was before. It is really nice. Here is what I had:

Smart Ones Fettucini Alfredo = 4 points
18 All Bran crackers = 2 points
3/4 cup 1% cottage cheese = 2.5 points
WW Strawberry yogurt = 1 point
Water = 0 points
Total points for lunch = 9.5
Tonight we are having leftover Spirals & Meatballs...stay tuned...:)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Meals for 8/28/09

Hello there everyone!! Today is the calm before the storm...they are now calling Hurricane Danny Tropical Storm Danny because they are mainly just expecting the winds and about 3 inches of rain tomorrow. We shall see...

On to my wonderful breakfast...Today I had a WW petite bagel with WW cream cheese, WW blueberry muffin and a banana. I was thinking that the muffin was going to be like those 100 calorie pack ones where you can eat them in two bites but this muffin was a full sized muffin and it was surprisingly good! Only 1 point but it tasted like it would be 4-5 points. It was very moist and sweet...we bought a double pack at Costco so I will be buying them again! Here it is:

WW petite bagel = 1 point
WW cream cheese = 1 point
WW blueberry muffin = 3 point
Banana = 2 points
Water = 0 points
Total points for Breakfast: 7 points
I hope your all having a wonderful day...I will be posting my lunch later. I am not eating as much today because we are going out to Applebee's for a treat tonight. No worries though! We have enough points and I am going to have the Steak and portobello dinner that is a WW meal and its only 7 points! Kevin is going to have a chicken fajita roll up that is 13 points...he has alot more points than me a day because he is a man and we are both planning our meals to accommodate dinner...:) I will take pictures! Later everyone!

Hello everyone! Hope your day is going well. I did a little exercise this morning...only about 20 minutes though. Have to work my way into it as I haven't really "exercised" for a while. We have done lots of walking on the weekends on our outings but not cardio type exercise. For lunch I had sweet & sour chicken & rice, Cottage Cheese, All bran crackers, WW Berries & Cream yogurt and water. Here it is:

Smart Ones Sweet & Sour Chicken = 4 points
18 All Bran Crackers = 2 points
3/4 cup 1% fat Cottage Cheese = 2.5 points
WW Berries & Cream yogurt = 1 point
Total points for Lunch = 9.5 points

One of my favorite snacks is cottage cheese and All Bran crackers. I just scoop up the cottage cheese with the cracker and it is so good. The All Bran crackers are a little sweet (I think it has a little cinnamon in them) and the combination is really me! :) I am looking forward to a no cooking night. I have been making homemade dinners all week so it will be nice to go out. It is different because you really have to plan and do some research before you go out to make sure you know how many points you will be eating. Check in later tonight and I will take pictures of what I eat:)

I'm baaaackkk:) As planned we went to Applebees. Kevin walked from the T-station as it is just across the street. I was thinking about walking, however the sky was very dark and looks like its going to pucker up and rain! We met there and had what I said we were going to have. I am not sure if I would get this again. I had this before and it was alot better then. The steak and portobella's were good but the veggies were a little under cooked and the potatoes had some lemony sauce on them that made me want to gag...I am not a lemon person. I like lemonade and that is about it. But it was only 7 points so oh well. Kevin had his Fajita Chicken Wrap and he said it was really good. They put the sauce on the side instead of in the wrap so that was a good thing. His was 13 points. I didn't get a picture of his...sorry! Here is mine:

Total points for dinner = 7

I will be having my Whole Fruit Strawberry bar and I had 2 WW chocolate chips cookies as a mid afternoon snack. That is a total of 4 points for snacks...

Once again I didn't eat all my points. I am having a really hard time eating all of my 31 points. I may have to eat a few extra tomorrow to make up for it...I am trying to eat the healthy points and not just eat bad stuff to make up the difference. Enough for today...see ya all here tomorrow! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meals for 8/27/09

Good Morning everyone! It is a beautiful day and the sun in shinning....although come this weekend it will be a different story. They are calling for lots of rain and wind. They are not expecting us to get a direct hit from hurricane Danny but we might get some of the rain and wind. Anyway on to my meals for today...for breakfast this is what I had:

3 egg whites = 1 point
Oroweat Sandwich Thins = 1 point
2 Tbsp strawberry jam = 2 points
Large Banana = 2 points
Total Points for Breakfast = 6 points

Now I know why I usually buy the eggbeaters. I just used regular eggs and separated them myself and the eggbeaters use a coloring in it to make them look like actual eggs and mine don't look as appetizing. It was good but just didn't look good..LOL. I will be updating at lunchtime...hope your all having a great day!!


Ok blogger is that time of day again...lunch time! I don't know about those of you that are on the WW plan but how do you all get in all of your points for the day? I am having a hard time getting them all in...and I don't like to eat when I am not the time I eat lunch its only about 4 hours until dinner. I have been eating alot of "filling foods" so it keeps me fuller longer. Anyway any advise would help:) Or even if your not on the WW plan I will take any advise I can get! Here is what I had for lunch:

Smart Ones Pasta Primavera = 5 points
Apple = 1 point
Weight Watchers Berry & Cream yogurt = 1 point
Water = 0 point
Total points for lunch = 7 points

I LOVED this Smart Ones meal. Alot of times I don't like the pasta in the low calorie meals...they usually taste funny but this one was really good. The white sauce was really good and creamy and the broccoli and carrots were really good! I will be buying more of these! I also loved the yogurt. It does take a little getting used to....of course it doesn't taste as good as the higher fat and calorie ones but it is good and you can't beat the low points!

I haven't been as good about drinking my water today...but I am going to guzzle some this afternoon. We are having something yummy for dinner...but this time I am not going to tell you what it is...*evil grin* will just have to check back! Ta Ta for now folks!

Oh the smell of of my favorite would think that you couldn't have bacon on WW...but that is wrong! You can have anything you want as long as you have the points for it. We use Oscar Meyer thin cut bacon because I like the real thing...not really a turkey bacon kind of is what we had for dinner:

BLT and Ore-ida baked fries
Oroweat Sandwich Thins = 1 point
4 tsb mayo = 3.5 points
Lettuce = 0 points
Tomato = 0 points
4 strips of Oscar Meyer bacon = 4 points
Fries = 4 points (22 fries)
Ketchup = .5 points
Diet Pepsi = 0 points
Total points for Dinner = 13 points

For dessert I will have the Whole Fruit Strawberry bar for 1 point and my mid afternoon snack was 2 WW cookies for 3 points.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meals for 8/26/09

What a beautiful day here in Boston...its supposed to be 90 degrees today! I have already made a trip to the grocery store to pick up some things for dinner tonight. I am trying a new recipe out of the Biggest Loser Family cookbook...Spirals & Meatballs...from scratch! Should be interesting. For breakfast this is what I wasn't much but I was in a hurry to get going and I didn't want to go with an empty stomach.

One Sandwich Thin (they count the top and bottom as one) = 1 point
1 Tbsp butter (I know..not the healthiest but I hate margarine) = 3 points
Total points for breakfast = 4 points

These are the best!! One whole sandwich is only 1 point! They are like thin pita bread but slices. I just toasted it and had it with butter. I was going to put some peanut butter on it but I didn't have reduced fat peanut butter and the regular is 5 points a serving! These are good to make sandwiches with or mini pizza's or even good to make scrambled eggs and make a sandwich out of it. Lots of possibilities! I am having leftover Beef Tortilla Casserole for lunch so stay tuned:)

For lunch as I said I had leftover of the Beef Tortilla Casserole and a Jello Chocolate pudding cup. I will have an apple for a snack mid afternoon. I just finished making the marinara sauce for dinner tonight and now I just need to make the meatballs...I will make sure to take pictures of dinner. Since I already have pictures of the casserole I didn't see the need to post another one:) Check back tonight and I will let you know how it turned out:)
1 serving of Beef Tortilla Casserole = 6 points
Jello Chocolate Pudding cup = 2 points
Small Apple = 1 point
Total points for lunch = 9

Today was a day of cooking...I spent the afternoon making the sauce for this meal and the meatballs. It turned out really good and it is a winner:) It is a total of 9 points. It was a pretty good serving and I ended up not being able to finish it. It is 2 oz of pasta (I used Dreamfields as it is good for diabetics carb wise) 3/4 cup of the sauce and 8 meatballs. Here it is:

Spirals & Meatballs = 9 points
Salad (lettuce, cucumber & tomato) = 0 points
Kraft Balsamic Olive Oil dressing = 2 points
1 1/2 cup milk = 3.5 points
Total points for dinner = 14.5

This is what I am having for dessert! They are only 1 point and they totally satisfy my sweet craving!

I know I didn't eat all my points for the day...but due to a mistake made earlier in the week I had to use one of my extra 35 weekly points. So I am kind of making up for it. Have a good night all!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meals for 8/25/09

It is day 2 of WW and we are doing really well. I was surprised how I wasn't as hungry as I have been before doing the plan. I think it is because I was doing more of the "filling foods" and not eating useless calories. It is nice having things like those 100 calorie packs but they are just useless calories and my experience with sugary things is it makes me more hungry. Here is what I had for breakfast:

Banana = 2 points
WW petite bagel = 1 point
WW cream cheese = 1 point
WW Strawberry Yogurt = 1 point
Water = 0 points
Total points for breakfast = 5 points!

After this meal I was very satisfied. Not overly full and not hungry. It is 2 1/2 hours later and I am still not hungry for lunch yet. I will update this post with my lunch and dinner so keep checking back:) Happy Tuesday everyone!!

************************ for lunch. I wasn't even hungry but it was 1:00 and I knew if I didn't eat I wouldn't be hungry for dinner. The thing with WW is you HAVE to eat all your points for the day to lose weight. If you don't your body will think your starving yourself and it won't allow you to lose. So here is what I had:

Smart Ones Steak & Ranch Grilled Flatbread = 6 points
Snyder's pretzels (good replacement for chips) = 2 points
Chocolate Jello pudding cup = 2 points
Water = 0 points
Total points for lunch = 10 points

This is what it looks like after its was really good! And very filling! I would usually eat chips with something like this but that would use 3 times the I do the pretzels. I also usually would eat the sugar free chocolate Jello pudding cups but I still had some regular ones left so I didn't want to waste them. The difference is one point. The sugar free ones to me are actually better tasting. Tonight we are having Pork Chops & Applesauce...stay tuned:)


The Pork Chops and Applesauce hit the spot tonight...its one of my favorite meals. It wasn't until I met Kevin that I started dipping my pork chops into my applesauce...I thought it would be gross but it is so good!! Don't knock it till you try it! :) I realized while making dinner that I counted the meat wrong. I put it as 8 oz divided by 2 which would be 4 oz each. Kevin had extra points left for the day so he ate his 6 1/2 ounces and I ate 4 oz of mine and put the rest in the fridge for a snack tomorrow.

4 oz pork chop (the picture is 6 1/4 but I left some for tomorrow) = 3.5 points
3/4 cup corn = 1.5 points
1/2 cups Pork Stove Top stuffing = 4 points
1/2 cup applesauce = 1.5 points
1 1/4 cups Milk = 3 points
Total Points for dinner: 13.5 (WW rounds it up to 14)

For dessert I will be having a WW Mint Ice Cream cone which is a total of 2 points.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Beef Tortilla Casserole - WW style

I purchased this boxed dinner and didn't want it to go to waste. So I made it WW friendly. Instead of regular sour cream I used Fat Free and instead of regular cheese I used reduced fat. It was really good and as you can see we had a salad on the side. I also took a picture of the actual recipe for any of those who would like to try it. It was very good. I do admit though I probably used a little more cheese than the recipe called for but not much..shhhhh! LOL

The first day wasn't too bad. I wasn't hungry at all. I still have points left and may not finish them. I know your supposed to and I plan to do that most of the time but sometimes I just am not hungry. I will have a WW cone later and that will be it for the day. This is what I had for the day:

Breakfast - 1 cup raisin bran
3/4 cup milk
small banana

Lunch - Roast beef sandwich - 2 oz lean roast beef, 1 tsp mayo
18 All Bran crackers
Jello Chocolate pudding cup

Snack: 2 WW chocolate chip cookies

Dinner - Beef Tortilla Casserole - see above for recipe

If any of you out there are doing WW I would love any advise or tips! :) Thank you to all my friends who have sent support! I will post before pictures of us soon.

Day one...a new start!!

Well today is day 1 of our new weigh of life! We have done the Weight Watcher thing several times and the last time we had done really well. Kevin lost 102 pounds and I lost 60 pounds.

Then a freak thing happened...we both ended up having gallbladder surgery within 1 1/2 weeks of each other. We always tease about who copied who...well I had the first gallbladder attack and Kevin had the first surgery. I woke up one morning with horrible pain on my right side under my rib cage. Felt like bad gas pains...lasted for about an hour and then I was fine. I went to the doctor and she said it was the stomach flu. So I didn't think much of it. Then the Saturday after this attack we had eaten at Red Robin and Kevin wasn't feeling good when we came home. He ended up throwing up his dinner and we just thought that he got my flu that I had in the beginning of the week.

Then that night he was having alot of pain on his right side so we ended up going to the emergency room. They said they thought he may have gallstones and gave him some strong medicine to help with the pain. We went to an open Wallmart to fill the prescription and the doctor told him to make an appointment with his doctor on Monday. The next night he had another really bad attack and we went back to the emergency room. Once again they gave him some strong meds and we were there most of the night. Once we got home I called the doctor and got the whole surgery thing scheduled for the following Wednesday. By the time he had the surgery his skin was actually more parents and his Mom and Sister came with us to the hospital and he had the surgery. They tried to do the laparoscopic surgery, however his gallbladder was so inflamed they had to do the 8 inch incision. Talk about 2 for 1!

While Kevin was in the hospital (he had to stay for 3 days) I ended up having my second gallbladder attack. This time I went to the doctor again and he said it was just from stress with everything going on with Kevin. He gave me some anxiety meds to help (which I never took). Kevin finally got to come home and was home for about a week or so. I had another gallbladder attack and went back to the doctor again and told them "Listen I have had the same pain in the same place 3 times now" and the doctor THEN suspected gallstones. He sent me to have an ultrasound done at Stevens Hospital and they confirmed that is what it was. They advised me to call and schedule surgery on Monday morning. Well...Sunday I had corn flakes with non-fat milk and a banana (they said eat low/no fat). Within a half an hour I was in a full blown gallbladder attack worse than any other. Kevin took me to the emergency room. By the time we got there my upper lip was frozen and blue and my thumbs wouldn't move. They said it was because I wasn't getting enough oxygen. They got me in a room and gave me a shot for the pain and took some blood for tests. They had reviewed the tests and suspected that the reason the pain was so much worse was because I had a gallstone in my common bile duct. So they rushed me into surgery and the rest is history.

Anyway..sorry for the long first post! We are going to do it this time and not go back! It is more important than ever since Kevin has diabetes and I am on my way down that path if I don't do something about it now! So I am hoping that by posting about this we will get alot of support and be accountable for what we eat and it will help us stay on track...

Thats it for now...:)