Friday, August 28, 2009

Meals for 8/28/09

Hello there everyone!! Today is the calm before the storm...they are now calling Hurricane Danny Tropical Storm Danny because they are mainly just expecting the winds and about 3 inches of rain tomorrow. We shall see...

On to my wonderful breakfast...Today I had a WW petite bagel with WW cream cheese, WW blueberry muffin and a banana. I was thinking that the muffin was going to be like those 100 calorie pack ones where you can eat them in two bites but this muffin was a full sized muffin and it was surprisingly good! Only 1 point but it tasted like it would be 4-5 points. It was very moist and sweet...we bought a double pack at Costco so I will be buying them again! Here it is:

WW petite bagel = 1 point
WW cream cheese = 1 point
WW blueberry muffin = 3 point
Banana = 2 points
Water = 0 points
Total points for Breakfast: 7 points
I hope your all having a wonderful day...I will be posting my lunch later. I am not eating as much today because we are going out to Applebee's for a treat tonight. No worries though! We have enough points and I am going to have the Steak and portobello dinner that is a WW meal and its only 7 points! Kevin is going to have a chicken fajita roll up that is 13 points...he has alot more points than me a day because he is a man and we are both planning our meals to accommodate dinner...:) I will take pictures! Later everyone!

Hello everyone! Hope your day is going well. I did a little exercise this morning...only about 20 minutes though. Have to work my way into it as I haven't really "exercised" for a while. We have done lots of walking on the weekends on our outings but not cardio type exercise. For lunch I had sweet & sour chicken & rice, Cottage Cheese, All bran crackers, WW Berries & Cream yogurt and water. Here it is:

Smart Ones Sweet & Sour Chicken = 4 points
18 All Bran Crackers = 2 points
3/4 cup 1% fat Cottage Cheese = 2.5 points
WW Berries & Cream yogurt = 1 point
Total points for Lunch = 9.5 points

One of my favorite snacks is cottage cheese and All Bran crackers. I just scoop up the cottage cheese with the cracker and it is so good. The All Bran crackers are a little sweet (I think it has a little cinnamon in them) and the combination is really me! :) I am looking forward to a no cooking night. I have been making homemade dinners all week so it will be nice to go out. It is different because you really have to plan and do some research before you go out to make sure you know how many points you will be eating. Check in later tonight and I will take pictures of what I eat:)

I'm baaaackkk:) As planned we went to Applebees. Kevin walked from the T-station as it is just across the street. I was thinking about walking, however the sky was very dark and looks like its going to pucker up and rain! We met there and had what I said we were going to have. I am not sure if I would get this again. I had this before and it was alot better then. The steak and portobella's were good but the veggies were a little under cooked and the potatoes had some lemony sauce on them that made me want to gag...I am not a lemon person. I like lemonade and that is about it. But it was only 7 points so oh well. Kevin had his Fajita Chicken Wrap and he said it was really good. They put the sauce on the side instead of in the wrap so that was a good thing. His was 13 points. I didn't get a picture of his...sorry! Here is mine:

Total points for dinner = 7

I will be having my Whole Fruit Strawberry bar and I had 2 WW chocolate chips cookies as a mid afternoon snack. That is a total of 4 points for snacks...

Once again I didn't eat all my points. I am having a really hard time eating all of my 31 points. I may have to eat a few extra tomorrow to make up for it...I am trying to eat the healthy points and not just eat bad stuff to make up the difference. Enough for today...see ya all here tomorrow! :)


  1. When you do you weigh in? I'm excited to see how you do!