Monday, August 24, 2009

Day one...a new start!!

Well today is day 1 of our new weigh of life! We have done the Weight Watcher thing several times and the last time we had done really well. Kevin lost 102 pounds and I lost 60 pounds.

Then a freak thing happened...we both ended up having gallbladder surgery within 1 1/2 weeks of each other. We always tease about who copied who...well I had the first gallbladder attack and Kevin had the first surgery. I woke up one morning with horrible pain on my right side under my rib cage. Felt like bad gas pains...lasted for about an hour and then I was fine. I went to the doctor and she said it was the stomach flu. So I didn't think much of it. Then the Saturday after this attack we had eaten at Red Robin and Kevin wasn't feeling good when we came home. He ended up throwing up his dinner and we just thought that he got my flu that I had in the beginning of the week.

Then that night he was having alot of pain on his right side so we ended up going to the emergency room. They said they thought he may have gallstones and gave him some strong medicine to help with the pain. We went to an open Wallmart to fill the prescription and the doctor told him to make an appointment with his doctor on Monday. The next night he had another really bad attack and we went back to the emergency room. Once again they gave him some strong meds and we were there most of the night. Once we got home I called the doctor and got the whole surgery thing scheduled for the following Wednesday. By the time he had the surgery his skin was actually more parents and his Mom and Sister came with us to the hospital and he had the surgery. They tried to do the laparoscopic surgery, however his gallbladder was so inflamed they had to do the 8 inch incision. Talk about 2 for 1!

While Kevin was in the hospital (he had to stay for 3 days) I ended up having my second gallbladder attack. This time I went to the doctor again and he said it was just from stress with everything going on with Kevin. He gave me some anxiety meds to help (which I never took). Kevin finally got to come home and was home for about a week or so. I had another gallbladder attack and went back to the doctor again and told them "Listen I have had the same pain in the same place 3 times now" and the doctor THEN suspected gallstones. He sent me to have an ultrasound done at Stevens Hospital and they confirmed that is what it was. They advised me to call and schedule surgery on Monday morning. Well...Sunday I had corn flakes with non-fat milk and a banana (they said eat low/no fat). Within a half an hour I was in a full blown gallbladder attack worse than any other. Kevin took me to the emergency room. By the time we got there my upper lip was frozen and blue and my thumbs wouldn't move. They said it was because I wasn't getting enough oxygen. They got me in a room and gave me a shot for the pain and took some blood for tests. They had reviewed the tests and suspected that the reason the pain was so much worse was because I had a gallstone in my common bile duct. So they rushed me into surgery and the rest is history.

Anyway..sorry for the long first post! We are going to do it this time and not go back! It is more important than ever since Kevin has diabetes and I am on my way down that path if I don't do something about it now! So I am hoping that by posting about this we will get alot of support and be accountable for what we eat and it will help us stay on track...

Thats it for now...:)


  1. I remember this. Sheesh. It was scary to see you in that hospital bed, thats for sure.

  2. That is so scary! I'm so glad they found out what was going on. How strange that you both got sick at the same time.

    I wish you all the success on your journey back to health!

  3. Wow! I can't believe you both had gallbladder surgery that close together. Good luck w/ your weight loss.... :) I'm sure you'll do "slimmingly!"

  4. You and Kevin will be so happy when you srart the new life you have in store! I love you both
    so very much and are very proud of your commitment to start enjoying your new project with the new area plus your new situation at work and play.LOL-mom

  5. So happy to see you getting healthy! You guys can do it! Love ya sista!

  6. Good luck with your WW plan!!!
    I did it for a while and lost 25lbs. then i picked up my old habits again and got happy and met Brandon and started eating bad again.. But i am working on it!!!
    I am sure yall will do awesome!! WW is one of the best ways to lose in my opnion..