Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Stuff...

Hello there...another busy day...I did sleep in until almost 8:30 which was so nice! My one day a week that I can just get up when I feel like it!:) I have been wanting to get a saute pan with a higher lip on it that I can cook my chicken breasts in or for my sauces. I have a pan I use alot but it is more like a saucepan and it doesn't work as well. We decided to go to the Wrentham Outlets and see if we could find one that was reasonably priced. Here is a picture of the outlet. There was hardly anyone there...but that could be because it was in the 20's with a wind chill in the teens! Brrrrrrr
I wanted a good pan that will last a long time. They had a calphalon 3 quart saute pan for $119. Regular price $160. It was very heavy and well made and was on sale so we got it. I used it for my dinner tonight and it worked wonderfully!! Here is a picture of it:
After that we did some walking is a huge place! Every store you could imagine was there! Stopped in at Vera Bradley because I love me some handbags! LOL I got a purse and wallet that would have normally been $125 and I got it for $55. It is soooo cute too. It looks like a giant coin purse. Here is a couple pictures of the purse. The first one has the matching wallet:
After this we went to BJ's to pick up a few things and then headed home to have lunch. After lunch I watched some TV and fell asleep for a little bit. Then made the best 8 point lasagna that I have ever had! I absolutely love the Looney Spoons can get it from QVC and I think the bookstores have them too! Here is what it looks like:

Here are my meals for the day:

Honey Nut Cheerios = 3 points
1% milk = 1 point
Banana = 0 points
Total points for breakfast = 4 points
Chicken BBQ Wrap = 7 points
Veggie Straws = 3 points
Total points for lunch = 10
Fiber one brownie = 2 points
Ohh-la-la-sagna = 8 points
Chibata loaf = 7 points
1% Milk = 5 points
Total points for dinner = 20 points
This dinner was more work than the other meals I have made...definitely a weekend meal. But we have enough leftover to feed us for a few days! It was so good and I bet it will be even better after it sits in the fridge overnight! It is definitely on our list of favorite dinners! I didn't have an evening snack because I am just too full and don't feel like I should eat if I am not hungry...even though that means I didn't get all my points in for the day. I hope you all have a good night and I will catch you tomorrow! Monday...UGH! 


  1. Leftover pasta is always the best the next day or so! Something about how the flavors and sauce absorbs into the pasta?? Anyway I just saw a receipe similar to that on the net last week. I've got that saved too! :)