Wednesday, January 16, 2013

To exercise or not to exercise...that is the question...

That was the fight I was having with myself on the way home from work...I am sure everyone does this. After working all day all I want to do when I get home is flop and watch tv and veg...but I know that if I sit down when I get home there is NO way that I would get back up to exercise! I kept making excuses to myself saying "My foot is sore", "I walked the stairs today at work" and "it won't hurt to miss a day"...and then I snapped out of it! If I want to do it this time I HAVE to do it at least every 5 or 6 days...allow myself one day of rest.

So I got home and changed my clothes, put on my tennis shoes and got to it! Walked the treadmill for 1/2 hour at 2.5 mph. Went about 1 1/4 miles and burned 175 calories. I felt great afterwards...and I have to remind myself when I don't feel like doing it how good it feels once your done! I didn't plan my day well today....I usually have my whole day tracked before leaving for work in the morning but I didn't today. I didn't do bad in my eating but I ended up with 3 points left at the end of the day and I don't really think I can eat much more! I have to hard boil some eggs tonight and find my snow boots! I almost killed myself getting into work this morning. My shoes have no traction so I almost did the splits getting out of my car! LOL

Here are my meals for the day:

Hard Boiled Egg = 2 points
Strawberry Shortcake FF Yogurt = 2 points
Total points for breakfast = 4 points
Almonds 1/4 cup = 5 points
Smart Ones Mini Rigatoni with Vodka Cream Sauce = 8 points
Clementine = 0 points
Baby carrots = 0 points
Total points for Lunch = 8 points
Fiber one Cottage Cheese = 2 points

Joseph's Tortilla = 2 points
BBQ & light Ranch (mixed together for a sauce) = 4 points
Carved chicken breast = 2 points
Shredded Mexican cheese = 1 point
Cucumber = 0 points
Wheat Thins Reduced Fat = 3 points
2 wedges Skinny Cow cheese = 1 point
Total points for Dinner = 13 points

Bag of Popcorn = 3 points
I am so tired tonight...I am goint to catch up on some blogs and hit the hay early tonight. Take care everyone!! 



  1. I totally understand the home and plop. We must learn not to plop. LOL

  2. It is a total mental thing to make yourself exercise. To do or not to do. And I agree, you're always glad you did after you did. Proud of ya!

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! So happy you are doing this Christa! I am doing the treadmill tonight too! Not sure I will do more than 2 miles though! out of shape!!! Gotta do this! xoxoxo