Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scale and Non Scale Victories!

Hi! I hope your are all enjoying your Saturday! We had a very busy morning! Woke up a little later than I wanted to. We like to go to the 7:30 Weight Watchers meeting but we ended up going to the 9:00 one because I didn't wake up until almost 7. But that's ok because we had some running around to do after an nothing is opened before 10. So it worked out:) After the meeting we went to Dedham and picked up some things and we decided after having such a good 2 weeks we would treat ourselves by going out to lunch. We haven't been out to eat in over 2 weeks which is huge for us! We figured if we were going to treat ourselves we would go somewhere we love..Red Robin! Before you judge us..know that we looked up the restaurant in this cool app that I have on my smart phone and it gives you all the points of hundreds of restaurants. We figured out exactly what the amount of points we would be using and planned accordingly. Keep in mind Kevin has twice as many points as I do so we had plenty to we have our 49 extra points which I try not to dip into unless we do something like this.
I ordered the BLTA (Bacon, Lettuce, Turkey and Avocado) on a croissant, however I modified it a bit...I had them take off the Turkey and Avocado and basically had a BLT on a croissant...AND I had them put the mayo on the side so I could control how much was on it...sometimes they slather it on there so thick its gross! Instead of steak fries I had a side salad with ranch dressing on the side and instead of putting it on the salad I just dipped my fork in it before I dug into the salad and that way your getting a taste of the dressing with every bite but not that much! I learned that trick at one of the WW meetings a long time ago. It was a very successful lunch. The BLTA would have been 19 points but taking off the Turkey (they always give you ALOT of Turkey) and the Avocado I saved about 4 points I guessed. I put 2 points for the dressing because as I said I barely used much of it.
After lunch we took a walk around Patriot Place which is where the New England Patriots play football...they have an outside mall there. We went to the Pro-shop and bought some hats to keep our ears an head was super windy and COLD! We also had a Non Scale Victory today...we walked down and UP these stairs!!! Not easy! After I walked up I felt good but I was very winded. I have been walking up and down the stairs at work all week and thought this would be a nice challenge. I'm very proud of us! :)
After this we went to the grocery store and got all of our foods for the week. The store was a MADHOUSE!! They had alot of good sales. We saved about $26! Now I am watching some TV and relaxing a bit. I am making a yummy dinner tonight and I will take a picture and share it later.
Oh yeah...your probably wondering how much we lost this week...I am very happy to say that:
Kevin - 4.6 pounds!!!
Christa - 3.6 pounds!!!
Very Happy!! I will be back later to log the foods for the day!  


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