Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Friday!!! :)

Hey everyone...I hope you all had a great Friday! I am feeling a little better today. Still felt a bit achy and had a headache most of the day but not as bad as yesterday. I went back to work and kept my mind busy. Sometimes that is better than just sitting around all day and thinking about it. I wasn't running a fever so I didn't think I would really be that contagious.

I packed my food for the day and forgot my yogurt at home on the counter...wasn't very happy because it is one of my favorite things I eat mid morning...but I survived! I am planning our meals for the week next week so that after our Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow morning we can go next door and do our shopping for the week! Here is the plan:

Saturday - All American Thigh (boneless chicken thigh with a homemade sweet BBQ sauce)
Sunday - Chicken Tetrazzini (from Taste of Home comfort diet cookbook)
Monday - Leftover Chicken Tetrazzini
Tuesday - Faux Fried Chicken (from Looneyspoons cookbook)
Wednesday - Baked Chicken and Jack cheese Chimichangas (Weight Watchers recipe)
Thursday - Leftover Chimichangas
Friday - Parmesan Chicken Cutlets (Weight Watchers recipe)

I am also going to make a breakfast casserole tomorrow to put in the fridge overnight and have it on Sunday morning. That may give us some leftovers for breakfast during the week. I am also going to try a recipe for baked oatmeal.

Here are the meals for today:

2 hard boiled eggs = 4 points
Chicken BBQ Wrap = 7 points
Carrots = 0 points
Veggie Straws = 3 points
Total points for lunch = 10 points
Fiber one Brownie = 2 points
Spaghetti w/Classico Tomato & Basil sauce = 11 points
What else...bag of popcorn = 3 points
Still didn't have as much of an appetite today...and with a busy day at work that kept me from feeling hungry. I came home and walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes so that felt great! I am soooo happy its Friday and I am looking so forward to crawling into a nice warm bed! It's only 20 degrees outside!! I will catch you all later! Tomorrow is weigh in day! :) 


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