Monday, September 14, 2009

Meals for 9/14/09 & Weigh in results...

Good Morning!! It is a beautiful sunny day here in Quincy...looks like the wind is blowing some but it isn't supposed to get too warm today. I am doing my morning blog before I get to my vacuuming, dusting and doing laundry...yuck! Today is our weigh in day...but I am going to leave y'all hanging for just a little bit...I will post it with lunch:) My gums are still sore so I didn't really feel much like eating...but I know I need to so I had some peanut butter toast and a banana. Here is the picture:

Oroweat Sandwich Thins = 1 point
Peanut Butter = 2 points
Banana = 2 points
Water = 0 points
Total points for Breakfast = 5

I am going to be cleaning the kitchen and cutting up a yummy looking watermelon I bought yesterday...after having that watermelon at the picnic I have been craving it..:) I bought some new lean pockets for something different for lunch...catch you all later...I have to get my booty moving! :)

Ok...I have kept you all waiting long enough...we had our weigh in this morning and I lost 1.6 pounds...and Kevin lost 5. That makes a total for me of 6.8 pounds and Kevin is at 20 pounds. Kevin always loses weight alot faster than me so I expected that:) I am very excited for him and he is for me:) I had a 3 cheese & broccoli Lean pocket in a whole grain pocket. It was pretty good! Something different and quick. Here are my pictures:

Lean Pocket = 5 points
Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding = 1 point
Cantaloupe = 1 point
Water = 0 points
Total points for Lunch = 7 points

100 calorie pack brownie bites = 2 points
8 prunes = 3 points
Prune juice = 3 points

I am not sure what I am going to have for dinner. Kevin is having leftover I might have a Smart Ones dinner with a salad. Catch you all later! :)

Hello everyone...I had a busy afternoon and now I am ready to watch the Patriots play! I had my Smart Ones Pasta dinner and a salad with tomatoes and I tried a new spray Ranch was pretty good. Here it is:

Smart Ones Pasta Premavera = 5 points
Salad (Lettuce & tomato) = 0 points
Salad Spritzer Ranch= 0 points
Total points for Dinner = 5 points

Dessert - WW ice cream candy bar = 3 points

Goodnight everyone!


  1. Sounds great! I love watermelon too. The season is over here, so now they are getting expensive!

  2. Love the new picture on your header!

  3. Thanks! I took it from my apartment window:)

  4. Congrats on the new weight loss! You guys are doing so great!

  5. Hi Christa...My blog shows you are a follower...I am trying to get to everyone and say hi....I have been very lax. Well, God was directing my today. I too, am trying to lose weight. In April I stepped on the scale and weighed the most I ever had....270 lbs. Just two twinkies away from 300, I thought. Well, I have lost 26 pounds, and would like to lose about 90 more pounds. Twenty years ago I lost 70 lbs., and got down to 165. Put it all back on and then some. I really identify with your struggle and congratulate you on your new life style. I plan to visit more often, wishing you much success! Hugs, Kathleen

  6. Hey girl!!! Congrats to both of you on those're doing great!! I can't wait to hear about when you kick in the'll be surprised at how it will boost those losses! I always love your food pics....drool all over my keyboard. :)

  7. Your blog is so pretty. I tried to pretty mine up and I had to practically start again with a new template! Anyway, you're doing great and having the support of a loved one can only help. Love the pictures.