Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meals for 9/17/09

Hello everyone...another day another decision on what to eat for meals...:) For those of you who know me I am a planner...I do much better on plan if I plan ahead on the days meals. I usually do this the night before..that way I make sure I get in all my points and don't go over. I have been making Kevin lunch every night. This morning I went grocery shopping...check out my other blog as I posted about the 10 most annoying things that happen at the grocery store...this is what I had for breakfast:

Oroweat Sandwich Thins = 1 point
Reduced fat Peanut Butter = 2 points
Banana = 2 points
Total points for Breakfast = 5 points

Mid Morning Snack:
Larabar Peanut Butter Cookie Bar = 4 points

I hope your all having a great Thursday...the week has just flown by! I will catch you all later! :)

Hello there! I have spent the morning catching up on blogs and doing laundry...and after I am done here updating what I had for lunch I will be starting on the Den to get things ready to be boxed up and stored. I did some exploring at the grocery store this morning. I have heard of some things reading on the other blogs and I wanted to give them a try. I bought some Larabars and some VitaTops and VitaBrownies. I had the Larabar Peanut Butter Cookie Bar for a mid morning was yummy!! I am going to have one of the VitaBrownie for a mid afternoon snack...I will normally only have one or the other during a normal day but I am anxious to try these things...

I also wanted to do something a little different for lunch. I know one thing that is very filling is soup. So I found some Progresso soups that have one point per serving...and the whole can is 3 points! So I had that for lunch with some watermelon and of course my sugar free chocolate pudding. (Have you figured out I am a chocoholic???) here is what I had:

Progresso Soup (full can) = 2.5 points

Sugar Free Chocolate pudding = 1 point

Watermelon = 1 point

Afternoon snack - VitaBrownie
VitaBrownie = 1 point!!! FOR CHOCOLATE LADIES!!

I haven't actually had the brownie yet but I heard they are to die I will let you know how I like them with my dinner time post...well I better get busy with the Den...catch y'all later!

Ok...I bet your all wondering what I thought about the brownie...all I can say is OMG!! It was so good! Very chocolaty and sweet!! I can't believe it was only 1 point!! That totally will take away any chocolate craving I will ever have! The only odd thing about these items is you have to keep them in the freezer...take them out for 45 min to an hour before you eat them so they can defrost...or you can put them in the microwave or toast them (the vitatops).

We decided to order a pizza for dinner and we had a couple slices...that and a diet sprite and I am stuffed! That is what I love about this you can still have anything as long as you count the points! Your not deprived of anything. So here are the rest of my stats for the night:

2 slices cheese pizza = 10 points
Prune juice = 3 points (NOT with the pizza)

Dessert = Skinny Cow Chocolate Ice cream cone = 3 points


I did go over by .5 but thats ok..thats what my extra 35 weekly points are for! :) Have a great night everyone!


  1. Mmm, that brownie looks so good! Warmed and slathered with ice cream... I'm not helping here, am I.

  2. is that pomengrate with chocolate?!

  3. O - M - G......I thought I'd never be able to have brownies again...thanks for the tip!!!! I hope we have them down here in the South! Congrats on eating pizza and staying within your points...never thought I'd eat pizza again either, it sucks that I don't count points...I count many in 2 slices of the cheese pizza???

  4. I love those brownies! Good choice on your fist try of those products! :) WTG on eating what you want and counting the points for it! That is why WW works!! :)

  5. hi christa! wow i enjoy reading your weight loss blogs! that definitely motivates me more! you go girl!! the food looks yummy and im not good in understanding how the ww points system works ahhh!!! best of luck in your weight loss!! daisy