Monday, September 28, 2009

Live and Learn....

Well...I learned the hard way that even if you stick to your points you can all depends on what you use your points for...We ate out a little too much this weekend...even though for the most part it wasn't bad eating (except for Wendy's) but it was just too much. Yesterday we had the Boston Market which wasn't too bad...the chicken without the skin was only 4 points, the mashed potatoes and gravy was 4.5 points (small portion), corn was 4 points and the cornbread was 4 points...but I think that in combination with a big dinner last night was just a little too much...I didn't gain very much but a gain is the wrong direction I want to take...

Also my TOM (time of month) will be arriving in a few weeks and I tend to hold water and get that bloated yucky feeling up to 2 weeks before it starts...and I only have one every three months so it makes it worse...ok...enough about that...a bit of TMI for most people..sorry guys!

I got on the scale this morning and gained .4 pounds...I know it doesn't sound like much...but I was hoping with the exercise I did last week I could have dropped a little...but as I said...Live and Learn!

I had SOOOOO much fun on Saturday apple picking with our friends Kristen and her husband Kevin. If you want to see pictures and read about our day check out my other was so awesome to make some new friends here in the area and I know we will be friends for years to come!:)

Now that I have had my own pity party I will drop it and get back on track! I have lots of housework to do today so that will keep me moving!:) I will post later on my meals:)


  1. It is a super small gain, so you will lose it quickly. Those restaurant meals contain a lot of sodium - so that could be part of your gain, even with staying within your points!