Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meals for 9/2/09

Hello there my friends! Today I had a late start! I didn't sleep that well last night. My husband usually calls me from work at 9:00 and usually I am awake but still in bed..this morning he was really busy at work and didn't call me. I woke up and the clock said 9:45!! I was like WHAT?? LOL

I got up and took a shower and ate some breakfast and took off to the grocery store. I needed to get my sugar (splenda) to make the banana bread and some cottage cheese and a few other staples. I am feeling a bit blah today...Kevin is working his long day...the day when he usually works until 8-9:00 pm because its month end. I had a repeat it is:

Oroweat Sandwich Thins = 1 point
1 Tbsp ref fat peanut butter = 2 points
Banana = 2 points
WW Berry yogurt = 1 point
Water = 0 point
Total points for Breakfast = 6

Now my schedule is a little behind lunch at 10:00am so now I am not hungry for lunch and its almost 1:00...oh well I will eat around 2 and have dinner around 6...:) Check back later gators!

I'm back....:) I ended up having leftovers from last night...but only had about 3 oz of chicken instead of 4 and less gravy...and a sugar free chocolate pudding cup...I didn't take a picture because I posted a picture last night...

Chicken & Gravy w/green beans = 7 points
Sugar free chocolate pudding = 1 point
Total Points for Lunch = 8 points

As we speak I have the banana bread in the oven and it smells sooooooo good! My afternoon snack will be grapes. Tonight we will be having BLT's as Kevin will be home for dinner:) Doesn't have to work too late!! YAY!!

Hello all..I afternoon snack ended up being the banana bread...after smelling it baking in the oven I had to have a nice warm slice:) For dinner we had another repeat dinner...Kevin is working a little late so I made the bacon for BLT's and the baked fries and Kevin will warm up the bacon in the microwave when he gets home. I did something different this time. Instead of cooking the bacon on the stove top and getting burnt from the splatter I baked it in the oven. I saw it online and thought I would try it. It worked perfectly!! No mess and it did come out flat which is easier to eat on a sandwich. Here is a picture I took the last time I made it...:)

Oroweat Sandwich Thins = 1 point
4 slices center cut bacon = 2.5 points
Tomato = 0 points
Lettuce = 0 points
3 tsp mayo = 3
Oreda baked fries = 2 points
Total points for Dinner = 8.5 points

My evening dessert will be Skinny Cow Vanilla cone & another slice of Banana bread...I realize this makes me go over my daily points by 1.5...however it is good to do that every once and a while to keep your body guessing. They give you an extra 35 weekly points that they encourage you to use. I usually save them in case I go out to dinner or want something high in points. But this banana bread is worth going over by 2!

Skinny Cow Vanilla cone = 3 points
Banana Bread = 3 points
Banana Bread = 3 points



  1. I love banana bread - yum. I hope that you have a nice dinner with your hubby!

  2. BLT's are one of my fav sammies ever, you're looks delicious!

  3. I've been on a banana bread kick for a few weeks now. I think it makes a great snack, and it is pretty easy to make. I also use Splenda in my recipe, which is from The Hungry-Girl's 200 Under 200 Cookbook.