Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meals for 9/22/09

Good Morning everyone...got up this morning feeling pretty good...feeling a little more energy these days...which is nice:) Headed out to run some errands and decided that I needed to get my hair cut....I usually have my hair in a bob style...but this time she did something a little different..to see before and after pics check out my other blog...

For breakfast I wanted something quick and easy so I had my sandwich thins toasted with some reduced fat peanut butter...here is a picture of it:

Sandwich thins = 1 point
Reduced Fat Peanut Butter = 2 points
Total points for Breakfast: 3 points

Once I got home from getting my hair cut I was really hungry...while at the Salon there was alot of talk about where they wanted to get lunch from. They decided on China Jade...which has the BEST beef and broccoli in the world!! So by the time I let there I was salivating and REALLY wanting some...I drive right by there so I was thinking...hmmmmm it couldn't hurt could it...? But then I had to stop and remember that even though it is beef and broccoli it is very fatty beef and that is why its so good..and the sauce is fattening...and it comes with like 3 cups of rice...so I was good and said NO:):):) I also didn't want to use half or more of my extra points so early in the week! I came home and had a Smart Ones Meal, Berry Parfait and some watermelon...and felt 100 times better eating that:) Here are the pictures:)

Smart ones = 5 points
Berry Parfait = 2 points
Watermelon = 1 point
Total points for Lunch = 8 points
Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the watermelon:)

I think between the Chocolate & Raspberry and the Berry flavor in the parfaits I like the berry one the best so far!:) Well I must go and take Riley outside as he is barking at me...LOL Bye friends!

My afternoon snack was the bomb!! I love the All Bran crackers..and I have had the laughing cow cheese wedges before but I haven't had them for a long time...for some reason I remembered them being a lot smaller in size...so I had some All Bran crackers with 2 wedges of light laughing cow cheese...:

18 All Bran crackers = 2 points
2 wedges light laughing cow cheese = 1.5 points
Total points for Snack = 3.5 points

Hello all my blogger buddies!:) I had a bit if a hard time this afternoon...for some reason all I wanted to do was snack...sometimes I just get the munchies and just want to eat....I think today was because I was a little bored....so I got up and did some things around the house...that helped some. I planned out my meals this morning and I noticed I had more down for snacks than meals...LOL Maybe that is why I was so hungry...I should concentrate on making the meals more filling and just have the 3 snacks...so for a late afternoon snack I had one of the Deep Chocolate VitaMuffin top and OMG it was sooooooo good! Here is a picture of it:

VitaMuffin = 1 point! (I can't believe something so good can be 1 point!)

For dinner I had a Tuna sandwich w/tomato, Garlic & Herb All Bran Crackers, Babybel cheese and Veggie Crunchers....here is the pictures:)

2 slices wheat bread = 2 points
Tuna Salad = 2 points
Tomato = 0 points
All Bran Crackers = 2 points
Babybel cheese = 2 points
Veggie Crunchers = 3 points
Total points for Dinner = 11 points

Dessert: Skinny Cow Chocolate Ice cream cone = 3 points


Catch y'all later!


  1. Yay for 10 lbs and a new hair style!

  2. Good job on skippin the chinese! Its hard when we are hungry but you stayed strong!!! :) YIPEEEE