Friday, September 11, 2009

Meals for 9/11/09

Hello friends! Today has been a busy day so far. As I said the other day Kevin and I got a storage unit so that I could clean out our closets and actually be able to use it for useful things and not just storing stuff. One whole closet has nothing but Christmas village I boxed that all up and it will go to storage...even if its only for a couple of months. The only problem is I don't really have anywhere to set up my village in this apartment...but I may try to figure something out:) Anyway I am feeling mouth is still sore but not as sore as it was yesterday. So that makes it alot easier to get moving and get stuff done. The apartment is a mess right now and I think Riley thinks were moving again...he started sniffing and chewing on the cardboard boxes...LOL Tomorrow we are going to start taking stuff over and the apartment will look good again...right now it looks like a tornado hit it!

Anyway...on to my meal post. I had some oatmeal, banana and yogurt...thought I would give the cantaloupe a rest today...I LOVE cantaloupe but sometimes you eat too much and get tired of I will eat more tomorrow:) The picnic went really well last night..I had alot of fun. I will tell you right now...winter is right around the soon as the sun started going down the wind got REALLY we ended up coming home after about an hour. Here is what I had for breakfast:

2 packets of oatmeal = 4.5 points
Banana = 2 points
WW Berry Yogurt = 1 point
Total Points for Breakfast = 7.5 points

Not sure what I am having for lunch...I might have a tuna sandwich and bran crackers...but we will see..catch y'all later!

I'm back...:) I have spent all morning cleaning out three we have alot of stuff!! I took a break and had some lunch. I did have the tuna sandwich and bran crackers and sugar free chocolate pudding. The only thing was I didn't taste much of it...:( The mouth rinse that I have to use twice a day is affecting my taste buds and I can't taste as much...oh is what I had:

Oroweat Sandwich Thins = 1 point
Tuna Salad = 2 points
All Bran Crackers = 2 points
Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding = 1 point
Total points for Lunch = 6 points

Sugar Free Rice pudding = 1 point

I couldn't resist getting Riley in the picture begging for my lunch...he is so funny!! I better get back to work! Talk to y'all later!

Back for dinner...:) It is pouring rain outside...husband is home from work...:) Its been nice having some rain. Here is what I had for dinner:

Smart ones Pasta = 5 points
All Bran Crackers = 2 points
Cottage Cheese = 2.5 points
Total points for Dinner = 9.5 points

Dessert Skinny Cow Chocolate cone = 3 points
2 WW chocolate chip cookies = 3 points



  1. You are really doing fantastic with your eating..I am SO impressed with you! And Riley is absolutely precious....look at that cute lil' face!! I could just kiss it! :)