Saturday, September 5, 2009

Apple Crisps

Some of you might be wondering what the apple crisps are...they are fresh fruit that has been freeze dried and all water is removed from the fruit. It is 100% fresh fruit, no sugar added. They are made from fuji apples. At first it was a weird texture when I put it in my mouth...but then it changes its texture and its hard to describe...just yummy!! I took a picture of the bag and a few of them I took out of the bag. They are made by Brother-All-Natural and they have other fruits also. They have Pears, Strawberry & Banana and Pineapple. I haven't tried the Pineapple yet so I can't say how those taste. The Strawberry & Banana are really good mixed in yogurt or in cereal. They also have potato chips, however I didn't care for those.

They only have 39 calories, 0 fat and 2 grams of fiber(for the apple) = .05 points!! And it is 2 servings of fruit in one bag. I got them at Costco but you can also order them online. Hope you all try them...if you have a sweet tooth like I do it will do the trick!

Later friends! :)


  1. Definitely a lot healthier than some other types of crisps!! I hope you have a great weekend!