Monday, October 26, 2009

Meals for 10/26/09

Good Morning!! After such a busy weekend and a busy morning I am chilling out for a little bit before I start my weekend laundry! I wanted to get up and plan my week of meals and get to the grocery store early! I got up when Kevin left for work and went through some cookbooks and then remembered a couple of recipes I saw online for Pizza Casserole and a Crock pot Santa Fe Chicken. I am making meatloaf tonight and mexican casserole sometime this week:)

Went to the store and there was an accident in the parking lot and there was an ambulance with an older lady...not 100% sure what happened but someone ran a stop sign and was hit...I saw the stop sign on the ground so I am thinking the person didn't know they had to stop and ran the stop sign and hit the other car. I felt bad for them...but it looked like the older lady went to the hospital but she didn't look like she was hurt bad.

Before I left I ate a Zone bar because I didn't want to go to the store hungry but I wasn't in the mood to make anything...Here it is:

Zone bar = 4 points

I think for lunch I am going to have a Smart Ones frozen dinner...we will see!:)

For lunch I had one of my new favorite Smart Ones dinners...Thai Rice Noodle w/chicken...I have never really had Thai food but I really like this alot! I had some Garlic & Herb crackers and a laughing cow cheese wedge..then I snacked on some baby carrots...I love 0 point snacks! :)

Smart Ones = 5 points
All Bran Garlic & Herb Crackers = 2 points
Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge = 1 point
Baby Carrots = 0 points
Total points for Lunch = 8 points

Afternoon Snack:

VitaMuffin = 1 point

I will be making Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner...check back later to see pictures:)

Hello everyone...I had a nice afternoon and made a nice dinner...I love making just means meatloaf sandwiches for the rest of the week!:) Here is the picture....

Meatloaf = 4 points
Mashed Potatoes = 2 points
Butter = 3 points
Green Beans = 0 points
2 rolls = 4 points
Milk = 2 points
Ketchup = 0 points
Total points for Dinner = 15 points

Apple = 1 point
Reduced Fat Peanut Butter = 2 points
Total points for Dessert = 3 points


Well it looks like I went over by 2...which means I could drop the peanut butter from my dessert...but I don't wanna...LOL I will just take the 2 points from my weekly extra points. I hope you all have a wonderful night!


  1. yummm I love meatloaf! Sean wont eat I make mini meatloaf muffins and freeze them for just me. :) Hes missin out! lol