Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meals for 10/18/09

Hello everyone...Happy Sunday! Woke up this morning to a sweet puppy dog on my pillow..curled in a ball near my head...he is such a cuddlier! Once I got up I decided to finish off the Fiber One Shredded Wheat...

Fiber One Shredded Wheat = 3 points
Milk = 2 points
Total points for Breakfast = 5 points

For lunch I had some of the pulled beef and veggie crunchers...I need to get that finished up so it doesn't go to waste...

Sandwich Thins = 1 point
Pulled Beef = 3 points
Veggie Crunchers = 3 points
Total points for Lunch =7 points

Afternoon Snack:

VitaMuffin Deep Chocolate = 1 point

I am spending the afternoon going through our dresser drawers and boxing up all of our summer clothes to take to storage and getting out the winter clothes...and going through the sock drawer and matching all the see our puppy LOVES socks and when we take them off he has to have play sometimes the match doesn't make it in the laundry with the other I had tons of single that was how I am spending the afternoon...exciting right? :) Check back for sweet adorable loving husband is making spaghetti......thank you honey!

Hello y'all....what an afternoon! Got alot done in the bedroom cleaning out all the summer clothes and will get them boxed up tomorrow. Kevin and I watched the awesome Patriots play in the snow...and then we looked outside and guess what?? SNOW!! I will be blogging about it on my other blog wonderful husband made his spaghetti for dinner and it was delicious!! Here it is:

Spaghetti = 8 points
Sourdough Bread = 2.5 points
Butter = 3 points
Milk = 2 points
Total points for Dinner = 15.5 points

Dessert: Skinny Cow Chocolate Ice Cream Cone = 3 points


Looks like I went over my points for today...but I kept busy this afternoon and I still have 27 extra points that I haven't I don't feel so bad:) I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday night...getting ready to watch Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives...Night all!