Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meals for 10/22/09

Good Morning my blogger friends!! I hope you are all having a great day so far! It is supposed to be 70 degrees today...its crazy how the weather can go from 50's to 70' is supposed to be nice tomorrow and then rain on Saturday...My friend Kristen invited me to go to a class at the scrapbooking store with her Mom on Saturday...I am very excited!!

For breakfast I decided I wasn't in the mood for a Jimmy Dean...but I was craving peanut I had my sandwich thins with peanut butter and a banana:

Sandwich Thins = 1 point
Reduced Fat Peanut Butter = 2 points
Banana = 1.5 points
Total points for Breakfast = 4.5 points

I have some stuff to get working I will be back later..:)

Hey ya' hasn't been a very productive day for me...other than some laundry and some other little things its been a pretty boring day...I wanted to figure out something else for lunch...I decided to try making a different kind of wrap...I bought some shaved turkey the other day and thought maybe I would use that...I added some light mayo, tomatoes and reduced fat sharp cheddar was ok but needed some salt I think. I am really trying to hold back on adding salt to my foods especially this time of month because it just makes me retain water and makes me miserable...and I know that the lunchmeat already has alot of salt..:) Here is the pictures:

Tortilla = 1 point
3 tsp red fat mayo = 1
Turkey = 1 point
Red fat cheddar cheese = 1 point
Tomatoes = 0 point
Veggie Crunchers = 3 points
Lemon Torte Parfait = 2 points
Total points for Lunch = 9 points

Afternoon Snack:

Fiber One Bar = 2 points

Sun keeps poking out here and there and there is alot of fog out in the harbor...I don't think it will quite hit 70 here today...its 2:30 and its only 57 degrees...not to hot and not too cold..:) Works for me! We are having some soft taco's for dinner:) Catch you later!

Good evening! Spent the afternoon doing some laundry and chilling out...not feeling so hot this afternoon...sometimes it just sucks being a woman...and you all know why....I decided to make Kevin soft taco's for dinner and I didn't want the extra salt to make me more miserable so I decided to have some cereal and a banana for dinner:)

2 servings cereal = 6 points
Banana = 1.5 points
Milk = 2 points
Chocolate/Rasberry Parfait = 2 points
Total points for Dinner = 11.5 points

Dessert: Skinny Cow Truffle bar = 2 points


I hope everyone has a great night. I am getting ready to watch Survivor and Greys Anatomy!:) Night all!


  1. I know what you mean about the salt...the food looks great as always!! :)

  2. That all looks fabulous!! I hope you enjoyed your shows.

  3. Did you like that fiber one bar? Those are my faves!