Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meals for 10/14/09

Good Morning everyone! It is a COLD sunny morning here in Boston...right now the temperature is 46 degrees outside...and tomorrow night is supposed to get to 29 degrees...BRRRRR:)

I hope you are all having a great week...can't believe it is Wednesday already! I had a really good nights sleep and was able to fall asleep much easier...

For breakfast I had my Fiber One was really filling. Here it is...

Fiber One cereal = 3 points
Milk = 2 points
Total points for Breakfast = 5 points

Today I am going to have my Mexican Corn Chowder for lunch...check back later...bye friends!

I am back:) I had some of my yummy Mexican Corn Chowder (which is better tasting the longer it sits in the fridge), All Bran crackers with my laughing cow cheese wedges and my favorite Lemon Torte Parfait:)

Mexican Corn Chowder = 3 points
All Bran Crackers = 3.5
Laughing Cow Cheese wedges = 1.5 points
Lemon Parfait Torte = 2 points
Total Points for Lunch = 10 points

Afternoon Snack:

VitaBrownie = 1 point

I am hoping the weather for the weekend improves...otherwise we won't be taking the driving trip that I have been looking forward to...I want to be able to take some really good pictures and if its going to rain I won't be able cross your fingers everyone please:) I want to get a few more fall decorations we will see:) Catch you all later at dinnertime!:)

Hey there! Spent the afternoon doing some laundry and cleaning the kitchen...nothing terribly exciting! I had some of my leftovers for was so yummy:) Here it is:

Round Steak and Gravy = 8 points
Mashed potatoes = 2 points
Green Beans = 0 points
Total points for Dinner = 10 points

Dessert: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cone = 3 points


Hubby and I are watching last nights 2 hour finale of Hell's Kitchen...I hope Ariel wins...I really like her...Don't really like Dave...I do like Kevin though...he is from Cape I have to route for him too:) So either Ariel or Kevin!! I will chat with you all tomorrow...have a great night!


  1. Dear Best Weight Loss Gugu Friend, what do you suggest someone eat to get a burst of energy when they are slow and draggy in the mornings?

    Thank you,
    Someone who cannot wake up for the life of her.

  2. LOL...I have been eating the Fiber One Shredded Wheat cereal and it gives me alot of energy...:) Or my sandwich thins with reduced fat peanut butter...nice protein and it keeps my full most of the morning...:) Does that help? :)

  3. I have not tried the Fiber One Shredded Wheat cereal yet. If it gives me more energy then hey I'll try it : )

  4. Hey!! Would you mind popping over to my blog and letting me know the calorie count in your cereal? I try not to go over 200 cals for breakfast, so I'm really curious!! Food pics look great as always...gravy always makes me drool. :)