Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meals for 11/8/09

Wow...another late post...see what I mean about weekends being out of sorts?? I am just busy and don't get the chance to post until the evening! Today was busy...I slept in until about 9:00...I had to take a muscle relaxer last night because I was having muscle spams in my shoulder blade and that stuff knocks me out cold! Then I end up feeling groggy until the next afternoon...but it works! Once I got up we both had some breakfast:

Jimmy Dean Croissant Sandwich = 6 points

Then we had some errands to do...Kevin wanted to go to the Apple store and use his birthday money to buy some earphones for his IPhone...then we went to Lane Bryant to see if I could find some more dressy shirts...I hit the jackpot and found 3 shirts and a tank to go under one of the shirts because it was too sheer to wear without something under it. They were all on sale!! So now I am set for whatever job I end up getting. I have my interview on Thursday and I am sooooooo excited!! I REALLY want this job so cross your fingers and toes...well not until Thursday I don't want you to sit that way for 4 days! LOL

Then we came home and had some lunch and watched the Patriots play...well Kevin watched I ended up catching up on my DVR shows and fell asleep in the bedroom...I tell you that pill was still affecting me...I hope I can sleep tonight! Here was my lunch:

Fetticini Alfredo = 4 points
Tomatoes = 0 points
Total points for Lunch = 4 points

For dinner we had some Porkchops and Applesauce....I always loved that episode of The Brady Bunch when Peter said "Porkchawps and Applesawce"....LOL...I was so hungry I didn't take a picture...we had:

Pork chops & Applesauce = 9 points
Pasta Roni Angel hair w/herbs = 7 points
Total points for dinner = 16

Dessert: Skinny Cow Vanilla Ice cream bar = 2 points


Just a reminder I am changing my weight in to Friday's so I am going to leave y'all hanging for my results until next Friday:) My number one goal for this week is to not allow myself to deal with being nervous and excited about the interview allow me to use food to make it better! :) Catch you all later everyone!


  1. I am so excited for you! I know you will do great and can't wait to hear about it. Have a super week!

  2. good luck on the interview - you'll knock it out of the park.

    also, i do not like the taste of tomatoes, but that is a great PICTURE of them! that is a great picture. so fresh looking!

  3. Good luck on Thursday! :) Oh and on Friday too-with the new WI day!

    I love pork chops w/applesauce! YUM!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my post today. I appreciate your support!! :)

  4. Good luck with the job interview!