Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello everyone...

I am still here...the weekend has come and almost gone and its been a busy one. Yesterday we took a nice drive as it was nice outside...did some errands and didn't get home until 2:30...and then we went to meet some friends for dinner. We had a great time! I haven't laughed so much in my whole life!! It was so nice to meet some new people and new friends. I can't say that I did very good on the eating front....and I will be back on track tomorrow and start posting my meals again...things will be crazy this week with the holiday but I think I am going to focus more on maintaining than losing this week.

I am not feeling so good today...there is alot of things going around and I feel like it might be sinus issues but it may be a cold coming on...always hard to tell with me...but I have 3 days to rest before Thanksgiving and I am very excited to spend it with Kristen and Kevin and her family.

We got home a little after midnight last night and didn't get to sleep until about 1:30 so I am a little tired...Kevin is sleeping in the living room...I can hear him snoring:) Kevin made me some scrambled eggs and bacon with some toast for breakfast:) I am drinking tons of water today as I haven't been doing that the last few days...

Take care everyone and I will be back tomorrow with my meals...


  1. Glad you got out and had a great time! Sounds like it was fun! See you tomorrow!

  2. Saturday night was a blast!!! I am so glad you guys came!!! I have not uploaded any pics yet but I will hopefully get to to it before Thanksgiving!!1 lol Otherwise I will have a lot of uploading to do on Friday!!!