Saturday, November 7, 2009

Meals for 11/7/09

Hello everyone! I hope your having a wonderful weekend! If you would like to see what we did today feel free to check out my other blog:)

We woke up early this morning...I usually sleep in but for some reason I just couldn't go back to sleep! I was hungry so I decided to get up and eat some breakfast and catch up on some TV. I tried something new that I heard about. Instead of using 1% milk in my cereal I tried a product called Almond Breeze. It is milk made from almonds with a hint of know how I was saying that the cereal was just a little bland..well the little bit of vanilla gives it that little bit of sweetness without having to add anything to it. It is only 1 point per cup...and it was VERY good! :) Here are the pictures:

2 cups of Kashi GoLean = 5 points
1 cup of Almond Breeze = 1 point
Total points for Breakfast = 6 points

For lunch we stopped at Subway and I had the 6 inch Turkey Breast. I was so hungry I didn't take pictures...sorry!

Turkey Breast Sub = 5 points
Apples = 1 point
Total points for Lunch = 6 points

Afternoon Snack:
Almonds = 4 points

I am going to post our dinner because it is going to be leftover soft taco's from Thursday night...I already have a picture for those:)

2 Soft Tacos = 9.5 points

Dessert: Skinny Cow Chocolate Ice Cream Cone = 3 points


I have made a decision...I have been getting a little frustrated with how it seems like during the week I do so good and I have a harder time with the drinking of water and keeping on schedule for eating so that usually affects my weigh ins on Monday's. So I have decided to change my weigh in days to Friday's. I think that will help me be able to recover from the weekend and show my losses a little better. We will see if it makes any difference...I think it will make things a little less stressful over the weekend. Take care everyone and I will see you back her tomorrow...I hope:)


  1. Uhhh....wanna take a guess at what I had for lunch today???

  2. I actually like the Almond milk a lot. I tried it for the first time a few weeks back and I loved it with my cereal. It adds that extra flavor. Very yummy!

  3. I think weighing in on Friday's is so much easier. It gives you time to fix weekend mistakes!

  4. I love ALMOND Breeze, esepcially in Kashi, it's sooo good. I also use it as a substitute for milk when I'm baking sweets and it works the same and is way lower in calories.

  5. I keep hearing about that Almond Breeze...gonna' have to try it!! And I agree with changing the weigh day...GREAT idea!! :)